Press Conference

October 8, 2020, Islamabad


(by Mr. Samir Guliyev, 2 nd Secretary)

On September 27, 2020, the armed forces of Armenia blatantly violating the ceasefire the regime has launched another aggression against Azerbaijan;
 As a result of Armenian deliberate targeting of the civilian population in the towns and villages, including Mingachevir, Ganja the largest cities of Azerbaijan and according to the information of 8 October 2020, 12:00, 31 civilians were killed and around 150 wounded, meanwhile 576 houses and 72 civilian facilities were destroyed.

 In order to repel another military aggression by Armenia and to ensure the security of its civilians, armed forces of Azerbaijan undertook counter-offensive measures.

 Trying to compensate for serious losses apart from mercenaries, Armenia has taken steps to involve foreign nationals from different countries, mainly of Armenian origin, into its armed units illegally deployed in the temporarily occupied territories of Azerbaijan.


This is a totally illegal action and according to the UN Security Council resolution No. 2178 (2014) these individuals are defined as “foreign terrorist fighters”.

 In most cases, the Government of Armenia and Armenian Diaspora organizations in third countries make calls on Diaspora members to expeditiously join armed units of Armenia in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. They are organizing ticket sales and fundraising for this purpose.


(by Col Mehman Novruzov, Military Attache)

 In order to ensure safety and security of civilian population, Azerbaijan Army has launched counter offensive peace enforcement operation against Armenian provocation.

 By 7 October 2020, Azerbaijan Army troops have liberated a total of 25 villages and 1 city.
 For October 7, 2020, the Armenian Army has the following losses: –
o Tanks & ACVs – 250
o Artillery & MLRS – 270
o Air Defence Systems – 60
o Command & Control Centers & Command Observation Posts – 11
o Ammunition Depot – 8
o Military vehicles – 150
o S-300 Air Defence System – 1
 Armenia spreads following fake information and groundless accusations towards Azerbaijan, trying to involve 3 rd Parties in the conflict: –

o as if, Turkish troops are involved and Turkish F-16 take part in the ongoing
military operations, which has no grounds and evidence.

o as if, Syrian terrorists are brought into Karabakh to participate in the operations.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly denied these accusations and stated that these are nothing more than fake information. Azerbaijan has a 10 million population and an Army of about 100 thousand manpower, which is a sufficient number to fight a war with Armenian
Forces, which is far less in number.

 Azerbaijan understands that by using such groundless and nonsense fake information Armenia intends to overshadow recent achievements of Azerbaijan Army, as well as associate this operation with terrorism, thus divert the international community’s attention from Armenia’s recent provocative misadventures.

 In fact, Azerbaijan has evidence from reliable intelligence sources that Armenia has transported hundreds of PKK and YPG-linked terrorists from various countries in the Middle East and placed them in Nagorno-Karabakh to fight Azerbaijan. Recently, Azerbaijan troops have eliminated a number of Kurdish fighters in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.


(by H.E. Mr. Ali Alizada, Ambassador)

 The regular Armenian military aggression and attacks against Azerbaijan. UN Security Council’s and other international organizations’ resolutions and their demands on the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied Azerbaijani territories.

Armenia, acting contrary to the negotiation process and is trying to consolidate the status quo regime based on occupation.

 The provocations carried out by the Armenian leadership, both in word and in deed, including the visit to occupied Shusha to participate in the inauguration of the self-
proclaimed regime in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, the provocative “Karabakh is Armenia” statement made in the occupied city of Khankendi, the introduction of a “new war for new territories” concept by the occupying country, putting forward 7 pre-conditions in the conflict settlement negotiations, as well as attempts to change the format of the talks, have dealt a blow to the conflicts settlement process mediated by the OSCE
Minsk Group co-chairs.

 Counter-offensive operations of Azerbaijan against Armenian attacks are carried out within internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan and in compliance with the 51 st article of the UN Charter (right of self-defense).

The responsibility for the escalation of the situation on the front line lies directly with the Armenian military-political leadership.

 As mentioned by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr.Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan has no military targets in Armenia, the war, which began with the current provocations of the occupying country is being waged in the historical territories of our country, Azerbaijan’s counter-offensive operation is aimed at liberating our lands and forcing Armenia to make peace;
 Armenian Armed Forces in violation of the norms and principles of international law, in particular international humanitarian law, and the 1949 Geneva Conventions are directly targeting civilians & civilian infrastructure in order to provoke panic among Azerbaijani nation, but Azerbaijani nation is strongly united against Armenian aggression.

Attacking civilians from its own territory (far away from conflict zone) Armenia aims to instigate Azerbaijan to retaliate and as a result to involve CSTO military block into the conflict, which Armenia is a member of;

 Azerbaijan urges the world community to take a principled stand, and condemn the next Armenia’s aggressive actions. This country, which does not comply with the norms and principles of international law is regularly targeting more cities and other civilian settlements. South Caucasus will never have peace and security until Armenia liberates the occupied lands;

 Thanks to Pakistan, Turkey for their unequivocal support and to other countries which put principle position and support Azerbaijan’s just cause. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

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