Living Right Helps Society

Living Right Helps Society

In the name of Almighty, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
Peace, Mercy & Blessings of Almighty be upon you.

Living Right Helps Society

We all live in danger.

The greatest dangers we face are the dangers around us, in our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. Nearly every social ill and every social problem has a root in someone not living right.

Children are abused and grow up to pass on the abuse to their children.

Alcoholics and drug addicts cost society billions.

Persons who do not live right cost society billions more and require whole industries to deal with the aftermath of sin.

You may have heard people speak about “victimless crimes.” There is no such thing as a victimless crime.

For when you or anyone else does not live up to your highest potential because of sin, then someone else will pay the price for the absence of your real worth to society.

Your value to others and to the society in which you live is beyond your comprehension.

Your value in keeping all the parts of your society in tact, functioning, and moving forward is incalculable.

We may not go places and do things.

We may never be able to see people or participate in social gatherings. However, when we live right, we benefit society by not adding to the insurmountable problems society faces.

Our place in society is to be filled by the righteous person who Almighty made us to be.

No matter who we are or where we are, our place in our society is to be filled by a shining star giving off Almighty’s love. We are Almighty’s shining star.

Please pray for peace in the world, I pray for you each day In Almighty’s love & grace. Our Lord The All-Forgiving, we love you.

We are grateful for all that we have.

Our words cannot express our thankfulness and gratitude for what you have done for us all the days of our life, to you we give thanks, glory, and honor this hour.

In your love and grace, please help us start a new day with your forgiveness. Aameen.

We will trust, we will trust, we will trust … in You Lord, You know what the best is for each & everyone of us.

Not our will be done, but let only Your will be done Lord in our lives.

Thank you for Your protection even when we don’t realize it!!!

Enjoy Almighty’s Blessings & Relax!

Living Right Helps Society

Nadeem Zaigham
All praise be to Almighty, whose humble servants we are.

Source of All
There is a growing power within from the Source of All.

Find the power to live, laugh, love, worship, grow & achieve.

Awaken, open, receive and share with others.

A world transformed by love is dawning.
Let your light shine…in Almighty we trust.
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