Civilian Casualties and Damages

Civilian Casualties and Damages:

Fact sheet

Civilian casualties and damage inflicted upon civilian infrastructure as a result of Armenia’s act of aggression against Azerbaijan

(as of 12 October 2020, 18:00 Baku time)

Since September 27, 2020 the Armed Forces of Armenia have been indiscriminately targeting the civilian population, private houses and other civilian infrastructure along the line of contact and in the regions located far away from the conflict zone in a gross violation of its obligations under international humanitarian law, including the 1949 Geneva Conventions and its Protocols.


In blatant disregard to the agreed humanitarian ceasefire of 12:00 pm on October 10, 2020, the Armed Forces of Armenia continued its indiscriminate attacks against non-military, civilian targets in Azerbaijan.

On October 11, the ballistic missile was launched from the territory of Armenia – Vardenis region against an apartment building in the central part of Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, located approximately 72 km away from the territory of launch.

The missile hitting the apartment building ruined it fully, and its residents remained under rubble. According to the preliminary information, 9 civilians, including 4 women were killed and 34 others, including 16 women and 6 minors were severely injured. In addition, more than 10 apartment buildings and more than 100 various facilities were extensively damaged.

On the same day, the Armenian side subjected to ballistic missile attack the city of Minghachevir, located 104 km away from the border with Armenia. Missile fell in close proximity to the building of “Azerbaijan” Thermal Power Plant, which located in the Mingachevir Water Hydropower Complex, the largest of its kind in in the South Caucasus

On October 12, Terter, Aghdam and Goranboy districts have been subjected to intensive missile attacks and heavy artillery bombardment from different directions by the Armed Forces of Armenia.

As a result of artillery attack to Kangarli village of Terter district, Firudin Baylarov, born in 1970, was hospitalized with various injuries.

Moreover, a medical worker was seriously injured as a result of the shooting by the Armed Forces of Armenia of a sanitary medical vehicle, clearly marked with a white flag, collecting bodies of Armenian soldiers in the area of Sugovshan.A few hours after the ceasefire, Armed Forces of Armenia also launched an offensive in the direction of Hadrut and Jabrayil.

Civilian Casualties and Damages

As of 12 October, totally 41 civilians, including children and elderly were killed, 211 civilians have been hospitalized with serious injuries.1185 private houses, 57 apartment buildings and 148 civilian infrastructures were damaged and became un serviceable as a result of armed attack.

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