Almighty’s Heavy Hand

Almighty’s Heavy Hand

In the name of Almighty, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
Peace, Mercy & Blessings of Almighty be upon you.

Almighty’s Heavy Hand

We live in an age when it seems many people do not fear Almighty and they act as if they are untouchable by Almighty.

In our faith, we too often sugar coat the dark consequences of going against Almighty because we do not want to offend people.

In addition, we do not want people thinking about Almighty getting angry because we do not want people to be upset, or we do not want people to be afraid of Almighty.

However, no matter how we talk about Almighty and Almighty’s power, the harder we push against Almighty’s will, the tougher things are going to get for us.

The closer we get to hell’s fire, the closer we get to being burned.

Conversely, the more we move in the direction of Almighty’s leading hand, the easier things can get for us.

If you don’t believe the closer you get to hell’s fire the closer you get to being burned, consider the consequences of going against
Almighty’s hand by living an ungodly life. If you live an ungodly life where you get a sexually transmittable disease, you find out what can happen by going against Almighty’s heavy hand.

If you push hard enough against Almighty’s hand you will crush yourself, you will crush the life of others, and you will see your blessings and opportunities evaporate in front of your eyes.

You have every reason to fear Almighty and fear the consequences of not doing Almighty’s will.

You have every reason to fear Almighty because pushing against Almighty’s will can lead to the emotional death of your heart and the eventual living death of your spirit.

Please pray for peace in the world, I pray for you each day In Almighty’s love & grace. Our Lord The Patient, we love you.

Our words cannot express our thankfulness and gratitude for what you have done for us all the days of our life, to you we give thanks, glory, and honor this hour.

In your love and grace, please help us start a new day with your patience. Aameen.

We will trust, we will trust, we will trust … in You Lord, You know what the best is for each & everyone of us.

Not our will be done, but let only Your will be done Lord in our lives.

Thank you for Your protection even when we don’t realize it!!!

Enjoy Almighty’s Blessings & Relax!

Almighty’s Heavy Hand

Nadeem Zaigham
All praise be to Almighty, whose humble servants we are.

Source of All
There is a growing power within from the Source of All. Find the power to live, laugh, love, worship, grow & achieve.

Awaken, open, receive and share with others.

A world transformed by love is dawning.
Let your light shine…in Almighty we trust.
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